9 Best Makeup Artist Apps in 2024

Looking for the top makeup artist app on the Play Store? Makeup has forever been a vital aspect of fashion for both men and women. However, women are more conscious of it. Different types of makeup complement unique types of fashion and the majority of females love experimenting with their fashion and makeup.

It is crucial for a person to know the basics of makeup to ensure perfect application. The makeup artist apps present on the digital app stores provide the users with the knowledge regarding makeup apart from working as a simulator.

Most makeup artist apps can turn normal selfies into professional-quality photos with all necessary touch-ups. One must have a clear idea about the output an application can give.

We are here with the top nine makeup artist apps available on Google Playstore. Go through it for knowing about their features as you can use them according to your needs. Most of these apps are free and have an engaging interface.

9. Makeup Photo Editor App

makeup artist app

Developer: Best Photo Apps

Rating: 2.9

Play Store link

The Makeup Photo Editor app consists of many makeup stickers that are attachable to a selfie. It also has a makeup camera that lets you to instantly take a selfie and put touch-up. The Makeup Photo Editor app is user-friendly as a user can navigate in it in a lucid manner. Moreover, there are many choices of fashion accessories like eyelashes, lipsticks, foundations, eye-shadows, and hairstyles. Moreover, this app helps the user to change the background aspect of each selfie.

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8. Beauty Makeup Editor App

makeup artist app

Developer: Lyrebird Studio

Rating: 3.9

Play Store link

The Beauty Makeup Editor is a free application on the Play Store that instantly provides customized makeup. It changes every normal selfie into more attractive photos. The makeup editor present in this app gives the user an opportunity to simulate the process of makeup application several times. Other features that are present in this application are lip shaper, eye shaper, skin smoothener and, teeth whitener. The presence of multiple filters and easy sharing convenience makes this application a good companion for online makeup artists.

7. Makeup 365 App - Beauty Makeup Editor- MakeupPerfect

makeup artist app

Developer: Oshihar Apps

Rating: 2.9

Play Store link

The Makeup 365 app has a professional approach in terms of virtual makeup artist applications. Apart from the face, this app gives the opportunity to change the fashion statement of the picture too. The Photo Face Makeup feature changes the outlook instantly with slight variations. Makeup accessories like colours, brushes, eyeliners, lipstick are also available on this application. One can also carry out wedding makeup with the help of this application.

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6. Looks- Real Makeup Camera App

makeup artist app

Developer: Snow, INC.

Rating: 3.9

Play Store link

Looks Makeup Camera is primarily a makeup application. It allows you to take a picture and apply various make up things on your face. New users who are aspiring to become makeup artists in the future can use this application. The best part about looks is that it does not hamper the naturality of the selfie. As a result, the output remains outstanding in most of the cases. However, on using this makeup artist application, you can find little changes that dramatically improve the way you look. The only thing one has to ensure when using Looks is the efficiency of the camera. This app also allows you to compare both versions of your face with or without makeup.

5. Face Makeup Camera and Photo Editor App

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Developer: Astralwire Studio

Rating: 4.4

Play Store link

Virtual makeup artists always seek an application where they can get most of the professional features. The Face Makeup Camera and Photo Editor Application feature some options that are common in photoshop. This makes it unique and credible to most people. With this application, you can get a professional-quality touch-up and the final photo. Moreover, this app gives you a hassle-free experience when it comes to handling. Features like the automatic detector, skin editor, and one-touch makeup enhance your comfort using this app.

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2. Pretty Makeup - Beauty Photo Editor Selfie Camera

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Developer: Photo Editor Perfect Corp.

Rating: 4.5

Play Store link

The Pretty Makeup is a top-ranking makeup artist app on the Play Store according to its current rating. The user-friendliness and response of the application make its ratings so high. The most unique feature present in this application is ‘auto-recognition’. The user will not have to take selfies time and again when using this app. The colors, styles, filters, and features present in this app make the final photo cool, cute, and realistic. Moreover, several options for jewelry are present like earrings and, necklaces. Once the user is done with the virtual makeover, she can easily share the picture on social sites.

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3. Man Makeup App : Handsome Men Editor

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Developer: SASSY APPS

Rating: 2.1

Play Store link

The Man Makeup is one of the few applications present on the Play Store that comprises of all the features that complement the makeup for men. Different types of accessories like masks, filters are available on this app. Moreover, features like acne remover, tattoo application, and multiple hair colors and styles are present in Man Makeup. Exciting beard and mustache styles are present in this app and it can be applied with proper finishing. Overall, this application is the best a man can use for a virtual touch-up. Furthermore, it has many options to include abs and muscles to the photo.

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2. Face Beauty Makeup

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Developer: Opeslink

Rating: 3.5

Play Store link

The Face Beauty Makeup app does not connect with the phone camera rather allows the user to choose a photo from the gallery. This application is mounted with all the basic features and accessories related to makeup. Another useful feature present in this app is basic jewelry. You can easily add a diamond ring to your ears or a crown on your head. It also allows you to add girl quotes to your photos.

1. Makeup Camera

makeup artist app
makeup artist app

Developer: Photo Editor Perfect Corp.

Rating: 4.2

Play Store link

The Makeup Camera comprises of some crucial things that differentiate traditional makeover to virtual. It is an easy reshaping feature. This app allows the reshaping of the different parts of the face. It also replicates the traditional means of doing it with instruments like puffs and brushes. As a result, it provides the real feeling of a virtual makeup simulator to the makeup freaks. Moreover, you can remove the negative elements in your face like dark circles, eye bags, and acne. Furthermore, with this app, you can turn your gloomy eyes bright.


All the makeup artist apps mentioned in this article are free and they have a decent rating on the Play Store. This can help you to get good access to it with the help of any smart gadgets. As a user, you can try all the above apps and stick to the one that serves you the best. Virtual makeup is also a thing to learn as it provides you with the idea of how it is actually done.

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Which is the best makeup artist app on the Play Store?

It is hard to consider a single application to be the best makeup artist app present on the Play Store. The efficiency of an app depends on its feature and the expectations of the user.

Are all the makeup apps free on the Play Store?

All the makeup apps mentioned here are free on the Play Store. However, there might be some paid apps present on the Play Store with some outstanding features.

Will the final photos fit for professional usage when virtually touched up with the makeup apps?

Most of the applications mentioned here claim to provide realistic touched-up photos as final products. However, preferences might vary person-to-person.

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