10 Best Poem Writing Apps in 2024

“Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.” — Allen Ginsberg”

Being a poet is not a common profession and students, or rather parents nowadays want their children to take up professions like engineering, medicine, law, finance, and any other type of job that would give them surety for their futures.

Very few people get to follow their dreams or passions or fight to choose their passion over everything else.

Wanting to be a poet is a dream honored by many but achieved only by a few. Poets are people who are able to express their thoughts in the form of sentences and lines that rhyme with each other or have their readers intrigued by the words that they use to describe their thoughts and feelings.

It is an art that can’t exactly be taught in courses or schools and colleges; it can only be achieved and improved with practice and by trying out variations in the way of one’s approach to writing.

Poem writing apps: A Revolutionary change

In the new age of technology, there are a number of poem writing apps that can be used as an aid for getting suggestions regarding the choice of words or the style of writing. Such writing apps can't beat the original brainstorming way of writing a poem, but they sure can help to save time and help in being more creative with a person's writing. Most of the poem writing apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple Store and are free of cost.

10 Best Poem Writing Apps Of 2024

The best poem-writing and essay writing online apps, graded on their ease of use, facilities that they offer, and the level of creativity that can be achieved in writing a poem or essay with the help, are available in different operating systems formats for people to use. Some of these best poem-writing and essay writing online with essayservice.com apps are as follows

1: Poet’s Pad

It is an app available for the iOS operating system. This app provides a way for its users to avoid or overcome writer’s block i.e. not being able to find the right words to express oneself. The app makes suggestions for the next phrases and words that can be used, based on the previous choice of words. It is a paid app that is available for use at a cost of $9.99.

poem writing apps


Additional features 

It offers the use of a thesaurus, a built-in voice recorder, and a rhyming dictionary.

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2: Mirakee

It is an app that is integrated with some of the features of a social media app. It provides a network to be built and interacted with other novelists, poets, and lyricists. Any posts on the app can be considered popular, based on the number of likes, comments, or shares that they get from the users.

It offers a great way of penning one’s thoughts and then sharing them with others. This poem-writing app which has over 100,000 downloads, is free of cost and is available to download in Android and iOS operating systems.

best free poem writing apps


Additional features

It offers daily creativity-based challenges that have to be carried out on the writing prompts provided on the app itself. It also helps in building a network with poets, novelists, lyricists, and other creative artists.

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3: Poetry App

This app by Poetry Foundation offers services of reading the works of other famous writers that have worked in various genres including love, nature, celebration, joy, nostalgia, etc. The app acts as a server or a collection of all these works that one can have access to in order to gain some inspiration when suffering from writer’s block.

apps that help with writing a poem


Additional features

In comparison to other apps, it is more of a resource-providing app. It is available to download on Android and iOS operating systems and is free of cost.

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4: Poet Assistant

It is an app that offers a set of tools to make the poem construction process easier and at a fast pace. It is a free of cost app that is available to download on Android and iOS operating systems.

The app also has an inbuilt thesaurus that can help with suggestions for synonyms of a particular word.

free poem writing apps


Additional features

The additional features of the said poem writing app are that it offers the provision of using a rhyming dictionary and has the option where an assistant or the voice-over reads out the drafted content, while also mentioning the word and the character count.

5: Rhymer’s Block

Available to download on the iOS operating system only, it is the best free poem writing app that provides the user with a number of creative inspirations and prompts with rhyming word suggestions as well.

apps for writing a poem


Additional features

This app offers cloud-based storage that can help to maintain a record of all the writing work done by a user. It also offers inspiration sources and helps to find rhyming words

6: Lyric Notepad

It is considered to be one of the best apps for composing songs, poems, or even rap lyrics. The app offers features of rhyming words, synonyms, taking down notes, and recording the lyrics. The said poem writing app is free of cost and is available to download on both, Android and iOS operating systems.


Additional features

This app has an immensely huge collection of words that one can use to such the right rhyming word.

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7: Writer App

It is an Android app that is used for editing and storing all kinds of work-related poems. It is free of cost and offers a number of text formatting features. One can use different headers, fonts, colors, sizes, and themes to design and draft their work. The app also stores a user's work in chronological order and is very efficient for taking notes.


Additional features

The additional feature of this app is that it offers the user with information about the word count of the entire draft as well as its reading time.

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8: Blackout Bard

It is an interesting feature offering an app. Using this app is one of the best ways of being creative and linking poetry with painting in a safe environment and without ruining any books. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems and is free of cost in nature.


Additional features

The idea behind it is to create a poem out of a number of chosen words when all the other words are blacked out. This method draws attention to just the selected words and the flow of the connection between visible words.

9: Poetics

It is an iOS-based app that offers the services of having graphics, images, and pictures for a poem. It is built on the theme of visual poetry and costs about $1.99. The app also has a number of editing options for the font, color, size, scale, and angle.

apps that help with writing a poem


10: Poetry Magazine App

It is a poem writing app that offers great accessibility to enhance knowledge and to share drafted poems and ideas on social media platforms. Available to download on Android and iOS operating systems, it is free of cost.


Additional features

It offers a great collection of classic modern poems to be read and saved for further references. The app also offers the feature of searching a poem bylines and keywords.


Even if people don’t get a chance to pursue their dream of being a poet, they can still keep practicing and improving in this art by the use of upcoming technologies and software apps.

Such apps offer a number of services and make it easier to write a poem. The key focus of such apps is to improve the brainstorming process, reduce the time required, help to deal with writer’s block, give insights about the right words, suggest rhyming words, and many other additional features. Using these poem writing apps can make the poem writing process faster, efficient, and more creative.

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Which app is best for writing poetry?

There are a lot of great options out there, but some people might prefer Poet's pad or Mirakee. They each have their own unique features which may make them better suited to certain types of writers than others!

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