9 Best Quilting Design Apps in 2024

What is the Best Quilting Design App? Quilting is a form of art that needs good learning before you become perfect at it. It is a skill that can be done by anyone but needs patience and precision. A person must have an eye for creativity and voila! You will see them create the best and most beautiful quilts.

Quilts are no longer considered as patchwork is done just to save your material, but today it has become a kind of trend wherein everyone's learning quilting because it is in “fashion,” and to be honest, a good quilter can make any normal thing look unique and stylish.

To learn this skill and be excellent at it, you can download the best quilting design app available on Android to have a happy quilting session at your home.

Below, we have mentioned 9 quilting design apps on play store that will help you master this form of art.

1. Quilting Calculators

quilting design apps


One of the best and most popular quilting design apps on Android is Quilting Calculator. With over 100K downloads and boasting a rating of 4.7 stars, this app has become people’s favorite since it was released back in 2011. The app offers you, calculators, with the US and metric measurements. It is designed by expert quilters that provide you with the right tools which can be used easily and figure out how much fabric is required for different types of techniques/areas like borders, Backing, Square-in-a-square, Battling, Corner triangles, and set-in.

This quilting design app has 8 quilting calculators:

  • Piece Count Calculator,
  • Fabric Measurement Converter,
  • Backing and Battling Calculator,
  • Pieces to Yardage Area Calculator,
  • Border Calculator,
  • Binding Calculator,
  • Square-in-a-square calculator,
  • Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator.


  • Provides a calculator for quilting measurements and conversions.
  • Includes a fabric calculator to determine how much fabric is needed for a project.
  • Offers a batting calculator to determine the amount of batting needed.
  • Includes a backing calculator to determine the amount of fabric needed for a quilt's backing.


  • Only valid for quilters or those interested in quilting.
  • Limited functionality compared to other calculator apps.
  • No customization options for calculations.
  • May not be regularly updated with new features or improvements.

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2. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC

Quilting design apps


Quilting Tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company is a free quilting app on the play store with many free tutorials available. This free quilting design app from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company is loved by many and downloaded by more than 50,000+ people on android (Playstore). The app offers hundreds of quilt patterns and designs that you can choose from no matter if you are a beginner or an expert in it. Sewing becomes fun when you learn from this particular application.

Few fun facts about Quilting Tutorials by MSQC

  • There are new tutorials always updated and the download is 100% free.
  • Along with this, the app is also selling the world's biggest choice of precut fabrics at very low prices.
  • The daily deals are almost 30%-100% off!

So once you have downloaded the app, head over to their website which is www.missouriquiltco.com, and attains the best deals online.


  • Provides access to a large number of quilting tutorials
  • Covers beginner-level techniques to advanced patterns
  • High-quality videos with clear instructions and helpful tips
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation
  • Ability to save favorite tutorials and create playlists
  • Regular updates with fresh content
  • Free download from the Google Play Store


  • Requires stable internet connection for video streaming
  • Some users report technical issues with the app
  • Some tutorials may require a purchase to access
  • Limited availability to Android devices
  • Lacks community or forum feature for user interaction
  • Not suitable for users preferring written or visual tutorials

3. Quiltspace

quilt design apps


Quiltspace is a very unique app. Very true to its name, this app is a space for all the passionate quilters to come together and form a community to teach one other. This quilting design app is a place where you can connect to people from anywhere in the world and start a video conference and learn everything there is about quilting. There are also quilting workshops held from time to time for the viewers to master this art.

Few fun facts about Quiltspace

  • This is a great place to meet people who are just like you and create a safe space where you can make friends from everywhere around the globe.
  • The application also updates you about the quilting workshops that are going to take place near you.
  • A very fresh and recent app was released almost a year ago but has created its mark amongst quilters.


  • Connect and interact with passionate quilters worldwide.
  • Attend virtual quilt shows and explore beautiful quilts.
  • Connect with other quilters at conferences and workshops.
  • Access features and benefits without any cost.


  • Requires stable internet connection for video streaming
  • Insufficient details about functionality, features, and user experience.

4. Quilt Cat

Quilt Cat app


Quilt Cat is not like your ordinary quilting app which you find online. This app will teach you in a very distinctive manner. It is highly recommended for beginners as well as people looking for easy quilting techniques because here you do not need to do the math while cutting fabrics. This quilting design app is computerized in such a manner that you just have to make your drawing and the calculations are done by the app automatically.

Few fun facts about Quilt Cat

  • You can also fabricate your own blocks and store them in catalogs.
  • There are innumerable ready-made designs to make your work easy.
  • This app was released almost a year ago in April 2019 but since then it has gained popularity and acquired almost 10,000+ downloads on the play store.


  • Allows users to create their own patchwork blocks and design quilts.
  • Users can draw their ideas and the app will handle the necessary calculations, fabric requirements, and cutting plans.


  • Contains adds 
  • Contains in-app purchases
  • A few customers have mentioned that the app contains bugs and the filters don’t work properly.

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5. How to Quilt (Guide)

quilt design apps


An app that will guide you from the basic i.e. the very initial step where you want to start quilting till you are pro in this skill. This app will walk you through each step, starting from selecting the right fabric to becoming an expert, they will help you through it all.

Few fun facts about How to Quilt (Guide)

  • This quilting app is designed in such a manner that it will make your first-time quilting a great experience with various simple projects by breaking down the process into easier steps for better understanding.
  • Even though you might think quilting is a complex process but once you accomplish one project you will start to realize how easy it actually was.

So, if you are ready to start quilting today, head over to your app store and download this app now!


  • Provides tips and guidance for people who want to learn how to quilt. 
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for creating patchwork patterns.
  • Is a convenient way to access quilting resources in one place.


  • Contains ads 
  • May not be as comprehensive as other resources, such as online programs or courses.
  • Could potentially be limited in scope, depending on the specific tips and guidance provided.
  • May not be helpful for people who prefer hands-on learning or in-person instruction.

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6. Patchwork DIY

quilt app


In Patchwork DIY you create your own fashionable quilts from hundreds of designs. There are a lot of patterns to learn and the most common ones are cushions, bags, quilts, and so many others. This DIY will help you save your money and do it all by yourself where you do not throw away the remaining fabric from your clothes but instead use it in patchwork and create beautiful items from it.

Few fun facts about Patchwork DIY

  • This is a form of recycling where you are also creating brilliant artwork.
  • The different types of videos shown on this are of Bedspreads, bags, Cushions, Gifts for your friends and family and so many patterns that it gets impossible to stop creating.


  • Provides instructions for creating patchwork projects.
  • Is a convenient way to access patchwork resources in one place.
  • Offers inspiration and ideas for new patchwork projects.


  • Contains adds 
  • The app may ask for permission to access personal information, which could potentially compromise privacy and security
  • It's important to review the app's permissions and make sure it only has access to information or features it actually needs
  • The app may not be safe to use if it is not notarized or reviewed for malicious software

7. Patchwork & Quilt Ideas

patch work apps


Patchwork and quilt ideas is a step-by-step learning application. This app gives you offline service as well where you can still view all the pictures from the gallery. There is also a monthly update of all the new patterns and images plus ideas. You can even connect your social media to this app and share your artwork with your friends and family.

The application includes

  • quilt magazines,
  • patchwork fabric,
  • quilt pattern,
  • quilt patterns for beginners,
  • free quilting, ideas, and recommendations, etc.


  • The app provides a step-by-step approach to learning patchwork and quilting techniques. 
  • Suitable for beginners who want to improve their skills in this craft.
  • The app offers offline functionality, allowing users to access all the pictures from the gallery even without an internet connection.
  • The app provides monthly updates with new patterns, images, and ideas, ensuring that users have access to fresh content.


  • Available only on specific platforms, such as IOS or Android, which could restrict its accessibility to users.
  • Dependency on app updates
  • Lack of interactive features
  • Contains ads

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8. DIY patchwork making sewing stitch patterns

patch design android app


A great application for people who are looking forward to learning quilting and patchwork from home. This app is amazing for home DIYs where you learn to make different home craft projects and the step-by-step tutorials help you through it. Whether it is your cushion or your blanket, this app will give you tutorials to make these home materials fancy and stylish.

Few fun facts about How to Quilt (Guide)

  • There are innumerable designs and patterns available on this application from which you can learn.
  • The graphic images in this app will give you a better idea of what you are creating.
  • This quilting design app is a great stop for all you homemakers.


  • The app offers a wide range of modern quilting projects for all abilities.
  • The projects are presented with detailed instructions and step-by-step guides, making them easy to follow.
  • The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The app provides new techniques to try and contemporary inspiration.


  • Some users have reported issues with the app. 
  • Problems with downloading or accessing issues.
  • The app is not free.
  • Some users have reported that they can't print templates.
  • Contains in-app purchases.

9. Quilt and Patchwork Design

quilting design apps


Again, a very useful quilting design app that is totally free and shows you cost-effective techniques to reprocess your fabric and create an amazing patchwork from it. This application is solely made for that and will guide you through it. The app makers say that a patchwork is not a waste but an opportunity to create. To create something of value and utilize the patchwork into it.

Few fun facts about Quilt and Patchwork Design

  • The rags can be utilized as handicrafts.
  • This way you can create basic things for your own help like a television cover and refrigerator lid or you can craft something of higher value using the same method.
  • This application will teach you the basics as well as the expensive things which are made with the same technique.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers a wide range of quilting patterns and tutorials
  • Great for beginners


  • Contains in-app purchases.
  • Contains adds
  • Limited free content
  • No community features

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the best free quilt design app?

There isn't a definitive answer to this question since everyone has different needs and preferences. However, some best quilt design apps include ‎Quilting Calculators, Quilt Cat and How to Quilt

What can I do with a quilting app?

Quilting apps allow the usage of a plethora of features, some of the most common functions include calculating yardage, organizing fabric, designing quilts, and finding tutorials.

Are quilting apps free, or must I pay for them?

Some quilting apps are free, and some are paid; some offer a mix of paid and free services, like offering basic features for free and premium features as in-app purchases.


Quilting is a stunning form of art that you can do for yourself and for others. This skill is very useful for someone who just wants to learn as a hobby or for someone who wants to make money out of it. You can create thousands of patterns and generate multiple ideas where you will learn and create beautiful things every day. So, if you are ready to learn quilting and start making something all by yourself then the above-given quilting design app is the place for you. Download them on your android operating system device (Playstore) now!

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